Made in Italy since 1934

The Fall Winter 2019 release.

As an architectural brand, Safilo places primary importance on f using craftsmanship and aesthetic sense to create comfortable and beautiful glasses. A cornerstone commitment that imbues its design language with a functional and timeless modernity and satisfies the tastes of a clearly identified user: one who believes style is about personality rather than fashion.

For the 2019 Fall Winter season the collection is enriched by frames that expand the creative dialogue between materials and constructions endorsing the promise of techno-aesthetic comfort. The Registro models give full meaning to the lightness of titanium and glorify at the same time the natural charm of the metal. The brand's avant-craft approach takes a step forward with the ultra-light Linea models where a single metal wire gives shape to the whole frame integrating a tubular iconic hinge. Acetate is rediscovered as a resourceful element that can equal the slenderness of titanium as in the Calibro  family or master the artful combination of colors and hues of the Buratto models. The repertoire of refined surface treatments extends to new palettes and effects, setting Safilo frames apart for their unfading Italian charm. 

The ultra-light concept.

The frames in this family testify that the search for lightness is a fundamental driver in Safilo’s design evolution. The very latest advances in manufacturing processes achieve new take on the Ufo technology, an exclusive mounting system originally engineered by Safilo in the 80’s and perfected ever since.

A thin steel wire (with a 0,7 mm diameter) fluidly designs each detail from rim to tip and -in some models- becomes virtually invisible in the lower part of the front, where it gets even thinner to disappear into the lens groove. Even the full rim models share the same virtually weightless design approach. The rounded, edgeless forms fit to the face, imparting at the same time a vintage inspiration marked by distinctive details such as double bridges and geometric cuts matched with curved lines, appealing to both a masculine and feminine taste.

The same linear, almost two-dimensional, roundness forges the distinctive ultra-light hinge that is machined from solid steel, molded and then milled to create a perfect connection between front and temple. 

The aesthetic is reinforced by the ethereal choice of colors: the shiny or matte galvanic nuances from gold to rose gold, from silver to gun metal, blue and brown are sometimes highlighted by a subtle line of enamel in solid colors - burgundy, azure, grey, ivory… - hand-painted on the browlines. The transparent ultra-thin tips preserve the integrity of the airy structure while assuring a comfortable fit.