Made in Italy since 1934


Form is function. The principle of modern industrial design perfectly applies to the hinges featured in the new Safilo collection: whether they are patent pending or well tested systems they are engineered to guarantee a unique combination of aesthetics and precise fit.


The new exclusive hinge represents the sum of the creativity and the achievements gained in more than 40 years since the launch of our first iconic Elasta, a trademark of Safilo reliability. Its innovative double springs system takes the performance of flex hinges to the next level: 200.000 cycles against a market standard of 20-30.000. In other terms: 15 years of impeccable performance. An enduring engine for a timeless eyewear collection.


The 5 rings hinge. Exclusively chosen for three stainless steel ultra-light styles, this mechanism is both a contemporary tribute to the strong craftsmanship heritage of the brand, and an evergreen solution in terms of reliability and usability. The rivets serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. They represent the iconic element that sets these styles apart and contributes to the lightness and stability of the construction.