Made in Italy since 1934

Techno - Aesthetic Comfort.

This collection represents what we call Safilo’s Techno-Aesthetic Comfort. In every frame there’s a unique balance of no-compromise attention to detail, top-performing features and a master use of materials, intended to create a remarkable visual impact but also a perfect fit. Design is one with ergonomics and elegance to deliver the wearer a kind of comfort that is both physical and aesthetic.


The collection is characterized by a distinctive design, blending classical and contemporary references in a modern context. It features a balanced repertoire of iconic and well-liked shapes reinterpreted with a sensitive aesthetic. All the frames have been given names that recall components and crafting techniques from the realm of Italian eyewear production: Calibro, Buratto, Registro. Hi-tech and handmade co-exist in a project that bridges yesterday with tomorrow.

Each construction integrates exclusive details that redefine the harmony between artisan craftsmanship and industrial perfection, between quality of vision and formal expression. Both style and functionality guide the selection of materials: acetate, titanium, stainless steel and other metal alloys are shaped and combined to ensure the enduring elegance and the outstanding strength that the brand embodies. The entire collection follows a modular approach in order to guarantee top service performance: the styles are built with standard interchangeable components, yet the design aesthetics are kept at the highest level of excellence.

The Women's Collection.

Embracing timeless elegance and superior comfort, a new array of styles has been conceived to offer female customers a dedicated collection. Inspired by a contemporary urban lifestyle, Safilo’s minimalistic design highlights femininity by showing a distinctive blend of creativity with materials, expressive tonal combinations and an underlying technical focus.

A thoughtful interplay of rounded profiles and lightweight details gives identity to well-balanced constructions. A sensation of smoothness, both visual and tactile, flows from the rims to the end piece of the front, and defines the tapered thickness of the temples, slims down the soft shape of the nose pads (removable or built-in) and fills the unique curvy tips. The unmistakably feminine silhouettes express Safilo’s techno-aesthetic comfort at its best, through a design approach in which light weights and resistance coexist with a custom fit to the face. The selection of acetates, highlighted by a masterful cutting process and painstaking polishing, contributes to the distinctive character of the collection. The color palette ranges from the retro mood of vintage-inspired havanas to the essentiality of must-have black frames, to the contemporary focus on color-block combinations of both solid and translucent acetates with havanas.