Made in Italy since 1934



The most iconic element of this collection is represented by the exclusive e-hinge that embodies the sum of the creativity and achievements gained in more than 40 years since the launch of the first Elasta hinge, a trademark of Safilo reliability. Its innovative double springs system takes the performance of flex hinges to the next level: 200.000 cycles against a market standard of 20- 30.000. In other terms: 15 years of impeccable performance. An enduring engine for a timeless eyewear collection.

The mechanism involves 6 components: a seamless cylindrical titanium body, 2 miniaturized harmonic steel springs, a stem, and 2 anti-cam-out Teflon-coated screws. This new Safilo hinge is, simply, a technologically unsurpassed solution that allows the temples to adapt to the unique shape of every face, and to adjust the pressure smoothly, just like a made to measure garment should. 

The typical 3 or 5 rings hinge, exclusively chosen for these ultra-light styles, pays a tribute to the strong craftsmanship heritage of the brand, but also represents an evergreen solution in terms of reliability and usability.