Made in Italy desde 1934.

Design. Comfort.

These two different words mean inseparable concepts to us. Our powerful minimalistic design is one with ergonomics and elegance. A fundamental feature intended to deliver the wearer a kind of comfort that is both physical and aesthetic.

Our collection offers a well balanced array of styles. It includes the most iconic and well-liked shapes, restyled and reinterpreted with an original and sensitive taste, a savvy combination of materials, and state of the art technological features. The interplay between smooth rounded elements and sharp squared ones is a recurring trait. It does not only characterize the design of the hinge but is also visible on the nose bridge and on the end tip. It’s an iconic theme defining Safilo’s unique design language, but it is also the result of mastering the balance between form and function. Each of these details, in fact, corresponds to a benefit in terms of comfort. The ergonomic anti-slip tips gently increase the grip of the temples. They also improve the wearability together with the built-in minimalistic ergonomic nose pads.

The Light family boasts a characteristic riveted construction that creates flexible and lightweight structures with ultra-thin fronts and temples, both in metal or acetate. The entire collection follows a modular approach in order to guarantee top service performance: the styles are built with standard interchangeable components, yet the design aesthetics are kept at the highest level of excellence.