Made in Italy desde 1934.


Safilo’s approach to materials is focused on highlighting the original charm and physical properties of each natural element. Acetate, titanium, stainless steel and other metal alloys are selected and shaped for enduring elegance, outstanding strength and distinctive visual impact.


High quality acetate in arrays of hues remains at the heart of the collection. This cellulose-based, allergy-free material is produced from cotton flowers and wood fibers. The collection proposes exclusive color combinations ranging from texturized black to striped grey, from light brown to tan tortoise Havanas with a vintage allure. Matte, glossy or embellished with engraving effects.


It is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio. Strong with low density and quite ductile, mat and metallic grey in color, titanium is the perfect material for light, durable and elegant eyeglasses. It is also hypo-allergenic, Nickel free and resistant to skin pH: a real guarantee of comfortable durability. The titanium fronts are carved out of a single sheet 4mm thick, with no welding involved. This gives them a distinctive sculptural plasticity while ensuring superior resistance and stability.


Highly flexible stainless steel and alpacca alloy are chosen for their extreme light weight and precision adjustment capability. Used on its own, stainless steel allows the creation of flexible and ultra-thin frames: only 0.7 mm thick with a feather-light 20 gram total weight. In combination with other materials, metal temples and fronts add a minimalistic contrasting flare to the design but also an unbeatable resistance to scratches and damages.