Margherita Maccapani Missoni, scion of the knitwear dynasty and creative director of the M Missoni brand since 2018, looked deep into the family company’s archives to deliver a distinctive, contemporary line up, refreshed through its signature colourful graphic designs. The M Missoni mission is to remix, re-use and respect, taking the codes of something special and iconic and playing with it to create a new aesthetic. Margherita has taken the hidden gems, the forgotten stories, the unsung lyrics, the scraps from the cutting room floor and rewoven them into a new story.  M Missoni presents an alternative voice in the Missoni world. A voice for the free spirited, a voice for the irreverent, a voice for the playful. It takes the Missoni codes and fabrics and repurposes them. Scarves become dresses, home fabrics become coats, vintage logos become new badges of honour.  For further information: 

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