The Safilo Way

“Have you ever wondered who’s behind a pair of glasses? It’s us, from Safilo. A company that, since 1878, has in its DNA a principle that, more than anyone, it can call its own: looking ahead. Looking ahead to allow millions of people to see the world at its best. Without avoiding change, but reaching out to it. Looking for innovative and responsible solutions, and embracing digital transformation to redefine eyewear. So innovation and sustainability are not just nice words, but represent instead an inclusive path that involves us all. And the ability to create value through this becomes our aim. This is the Safilo Way. Safilo. See the world at its best”


Our values

People Centric

We believe people are at the heart of everything. For this reason, we strive to make the work environment also a place where, at any time, we can thrive and develop our skills, sharing experiences and collaborating with everyone. In this way we create relationships based on trust, competence, and loyalty. In this way we create value.

Purpose Led

We always look for the best balance between present and future. We believe in projects that are not limited to the short term, and that have always a strong sense of environmental, cultural, and social responsibility. Only in this way we can work concretely to improve our planet and contribute to the development of a truly inclusive and sustainable economy. In this way we look forward.

Innovation Driven

We always look in one direction: beyond. To do this, always starting from our roots entrenched in tradition, we work for a new concept of innovation that can unite beauty and functionality, that evolves based on a digital model, and that approaches the world in a clear and responsible way. Innovation that allows our never-ending passion to go beyond the ordinary. In this way we create the future.