Share Capital

On 29 June 2021, the Board of Directors resolved to convene the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting for 30 July 2021 to approve a share capital increase for consideration, for a maximum amount of Euro 135 million. The share capital increase, approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting held on 30 July 2021 and completed on 3 November 2021, was fully subscribed for a total number of 137,851,923 newly issued shares and for a total consideration of approximately Euro 135 million. Following the execution of the share capital increase, the new share capital of the Company is represented by 413,887,652 ordinary shares, for a total consideration of Euro 384,862,285.65.

Evolution of the Share capital of Safilo Group S.p.A

No. of sharesEuroNominal valueCommunication of variation
From 13 May 2024413,887,652384,862,285.65-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 10 April 2024413,767,652384,862,285.65-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 24 March 2023413,745,466384,857,848.45-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 23 February 2023413.698.874384.848.530,05-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 21 November 2022413.687.781384.846.311,45-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 24 August 2022413.626.767384.834.108,65-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 11 July 2022413.575.737384.823.902,65-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 8 November 2021413.555.769384.819.909,05-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 8 January 2019275.703.846349.943.372,53-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 29 October 201862.659.965313.299.825,00-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 September 201662.659.965313.299.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 15 July 201562.629.965313.149.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 11 June 201562.579.965312.899.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 3 July 201462.534.965312.674.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 28 May 201462.394.965311.974.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 13 May 201462.369.965311.849.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 February 201462.289.965311.449.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 23 December 201362.199.965310.999.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 4 December 201362.059.965310.299.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 18 July 201361.769.965308.849.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 4 April 201261.739.965308.699.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 10 May 201056.821.965284.109.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 25 March 20101.136.439.310284.109.827,500,25DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 March 2010987.328.560246.832.1400,25DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 February 2010313.933.54078.483.3850,25DOWNLOAD PDF
From 27 June 2007285.394.12871.348.5320,25