Safilo considers it essential to aim to satisfy its customers, collaborators, and stakeholders through the constant improvement of company processes, protection of the health and safety of people in the workplace, and both sustainable and socially responsible management.

In accordance with this approach, Safilo has undertaken measures which have resulted in the attainment of the following important internationally recognised certifications related to quality, health and safety, and social responsibility:

ISCC PLUS Certificate Safilo Eyewear Industries Suzhou ltd

ISCC PLUS Certificate Safilo Eyewear Industries Suzhou ltd

UNI EN ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, from 17th December 1996

Safilo S.p.a., Safilo Industrial S.r.l., Safilo Eyewear Industries Suzhou, and SMITH SPORT OPTICS

ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, from 19th January 2012

Safilo S.p.a., Safilo Industrial S.r.l., and Safilo Eyewear Industries Suzhou

SA8000:2014, Standard for Social Accountability, from 17th January 2012

Safilo S.p.a., Safilo Industrial S.r.l., and Lenti Srl

ISO 50001:2018, Energy Management System, from 04th December 2020

Safilo S.p.a., Safilo Industrial, and Lenti Srl

ISCC - International Sustainability & Carbon Certification from 19.07.2023


ISCC - International Sustainability & Carbon Certification from 19.07.2021 Santa Maria di Sala

Safilo S.Maria di Sala ISCC Plus Certificate


Safilo SpA and Safilo Eyewear Suzhou GRS Certificate



ISO 9001 Lenti Srl

ISO 9001 Lenti Srl

ISO45001 Lenti Srl

ISO45001 Lenti Srl

Integrated Policy


Integrated Policy


Safilo considers it essential to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, its collaborators and all interested parties by constantly improving company processes, protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace, ensuring the rational use of energy and available resources, acting in a sustainable and socially responsible way. All Safilo collaborators, based on their skills, abilities and responsibilities, are called upon to support this Policy, adopting the following principles:

comply with current legislation and international conventions on health and safety, environment, social responsibility and energy;

comply with the commitments contained in "The Safilo Way - Worldwide Business Conduct Manual", a Manual which contains the personal responsibilities of all collaborators, the principles of integrity in the workplace, commitments to suppliers, commitments to use company resources and responsibilities towards others;

the rejection of practices that violate human rights in general and those of the worker in particular (disciplinary procedures involving corporal punishment and / or mental or physical coercion, child labor, forced labor, discrimination at work, deposit of money) and the adoption of open and respectful behavioral procedures and modalities towards such rights (freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, fair pay, respect for working hours including days off and holidays, health and safety protection);

promote a proper and transparent management of "human capital" and awareness among employees, suppliers and external collaborators, to guarantee compliance with the principles of Ethics, Social and Environmental Responsibility established in international conventions and recommendations, including body resolutions such as ILO - International Labor Organization and the principles established by ETI - Ethical Trading Initiative.

continually improve business processes, products, services offered to customers, and their energy performance;

select, hire, pay, train and organize collaborators on merit-based criteria, avoiding any form of discrimination;

communicate with all interested parties in a clear and transparent way;

promote adherence to the principles of social responsibility throughout the supply chain;

promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly development along the entire production chain and in support activities for the production cycle;

promote the procurement of energy efficient products and services and support design activities that impact energy performance.


Consequently, Safilo undertakes: to implement, review and revise, when necessary, this Policy, ensuring compliance with the mandatory requirements in terms of product quality and the general principles of environmental and energy legislation, the conventions of the International Labor Organization (relating to social responsibility) and the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, SA8000, ISCC Plus, GRS and FSC®;

to communicate and make this Policy accessible to all collaborators and all stakeolders, ensuring its availability also for interested parties who request it;

to respect, communicate, monitor and periodically review the targets, taken from the annual budget and defined by the Departments, regarding quality, safety, production and energy efficiency;

to guarantee the availability of information and the resources necessary to achieve the energy objectives and targets set;

periodically monitor customer satisfaction


In 1996 Safilo obtained the certification according to the UNI EN ISO9001 standard "Quality Management System" with the aim of certifying its ability to regularly supply a product capable of satisfying the customer's requirements. In 2018 Safilo successfully passed the audit for the migration to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Health and Safety

On 19th January 2012 Safilo obtained certification of the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard, with the objective of certifying the capability of the company's system to manage the hazards related to health and safety in the workplace, through risk evaluation and the consequent adoption of specific actions necessary to reduce said risks.

On 19/01/2021 Safilo Spa/Industrial passed with positive outcome the migration audit to obtain the ISO 45001: 2018 certification.

Social Responsibility

On 17th January 2012 Safilo obtained certification of the SA8000:2014 Social Accountability standard, with the objective of certifying that Safilo’s business system conforms to the principles of social responsibility (freedom of association, refusal of forced labour, health and safety in the workplace, trasparency, etc.).

Announcement to stakeholders

The certification of conformity to the SA8000:2014 international standard is yet another step towards the full implementation of the Code of Ethics adopted by Safilo in 2006.

The SA8000:2014 certification, alongside the ISO9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications, are evidence of the Group’s commitment to sustainable development and corporate conscience in every aspect of its business, and Safilo is therefore among the first Italian companies in the luxury sector to hold such important accreditations. These certifications are key as they recognise, on an international level, the company's commitment to its employees and stakeholders, in order to ensure sustainable business development.

All interested parties can contact Safilo for information regarding the SA8000:2014 standard by using the details indicated below:

Postal address: Messrs. Safilo S.p.A. – SA8000 Via Settima Strada, 15 35129 - Padova (Italy)

Mail: SA8000@safilo.com

Fax: +39 049 698 7167

Energy Management

On 4th December 2020 Safilo obtained the Energy Management System Certification in compliance with the ISO 50001: 2018 standard.

The energy certification confirms Safilo's commitment to making responsible choices to reduce the environmental impact for greater protection of the environment that have always been at the center of Safilo's social responsibility programs, as important focus of its policies sustainability, understood not only as a safeguard of environmental resources but also as a guarantee of long-term social and economic growth.

Certificazione ISCC - International Sustainability & Carbon Certification e GRS – Global Recycled Standard

With the aim of achieving ambitious sustainability objectives a certification process was undertaken for the Safilo production sites and Logistics Center, which led to the ISCC Plus certification of the Padua DC (certificate issued on 19.07.21) and of the production site of Santa Maria di Sala (certificate issued on 21.01.22). The ISCC Plus certification process for the Safilo Industrial Eyewear production site based in Suzhou is also in progress and near to be closed.

The ISCC - International Sustainability & Carbon Certification standard is a sustainability certification which establishes the traceability of bio-based and recycled materials throughout the supply chain.

In addition to the ISCC certification, in 2021 Safilo also obtained the GRS - Global Recycle Standard certification on the Padua site, renewed on 27/01/22. GRS is recognized as one of the most important international standards for sustainable production using recycled materials and compliance with environmental and social ethical requirements.

The management of ISCC Plus/GRS certified products, represents an important milestone for Safilo, all stakeholders have a fundamental role by issuing sustainability declarations or transaction certificates verified by independent and reliable certification bodies as required by the ISCC and GRS Standards. 

The goal is to play a crucial role in the development of sustainable organizational models and circular economy for plastics where the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principle is in force.