Responsible Value Chain & Stakeholders

Our stakeholders

Our ability to create value is profoundly interconnected with our capability to maintain an active dialogue with our stakeholders, i.e. employees, suppliers, customers, licensors, shareholders, public authorities or local communities. Understanding and meeting their expectations is crucial for our Group’s success, which is based on building important and long-lasting partnerships. 

Our supply chain

We carefully select our direct suppliers to ensure reliability and sustainability throughout our production process, checking that they comply with international standards, share our values and promote the application of the highest quality and environmental standards. 

Conflict minerals

We only buy gold and palladium from traceable and certified supply chains in accordance with the criteria of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the non-profit organisation that sets the standards for responsible purchasing of conflict-free minerals.

Spotlight on our customers

Our main customers are independent opticians, global partners that distribute our eyewear products in their regions and travel retail customers, who choose us for our ability to offer differentiation, agility and adaptability, and for our passion in implementing strategic plans for a win-win business. A customer-centric approach is of primary importance to us, and we carefully nurture relationships based on trust and transparency with our customers. Our wholesale model is coupled with direct-to-consumer sales platforms and Internet Pure Players, in line with the Group’s development strategy.