Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee has the duty to support the Board of Directors, with preliminary, proposing and consultative functions, in the evaluations and the decisions relating to the pursuit of the Group’s sustainable success.

The Sustainability Committee was appointed in its present composition by the Board of Directors meeting on 29 April 2021 and includes members of the Board of Directors of the Company and managers of the Group:

NameOfficeIn office since
Eugenio Razelli
Non exec. Director
Angelo Trocchia
Ex. Director
Katia Buja
Non exec. Director
Vladimiro Baldin
Chief Licensed Brand and Global Product Officer
Andrea Grassini
Head of Operations
Marco Cella
Senior Director Group Accounting
Alberto Macciani
OCBs & Global Communication Head

*member since 01.01.2021

The Regulations define the composition, the appointment, the duties and the operating rules of the Sustainability Committee. 

Regulations of the Sustainability Committee